Online marketing is all about attention getting. However everyone with a web presence , blogger or not, often struggles to get attention, let alone achieve viral content marketing, at least for the right reason anyway.


On the one hand, everyone wants their content to go viral. On the other hand, we want to ensure that our content is useful  and not simply gratuitous . Self promotion is such a delicate balance between the desire  to go get clicks , and finding and targeting the right audience .


Our friends at Marketo have created a sensational infographic that hones in on the main areas we need to be aware of with content marketing. Now while the infographic  focuses primarily on how to build your own Buzzfeed or Upworthy website, it does contain many worthwhile tips equally applicable to vanilla business websites, and more importantly to marketing blogs.


For instance, it should be obvious that the copy in your titles are important when it comes to attention getting. But did you know HOW important ? Being creative with their title for the same story seen on a political Youtube channel, was able to garner 17 million views, compared to only 1 million on the Youtube channel.


Headlines need to be perfect, not crazy nor vague but with just the right amount of mystery and allure .


There is also some nascent  psychology around why people find some content click-worthy and share-worthy or not. Again there needs to e a good balance between pulling on the heartstrings and simply being entertaining.


 And testing, testing, testing. Keep testing if for no other reason than accommodating the silent but true admission that you simply don’t know everything, all the time. Split testing is relatively easy and allows you to optimise your content for maximum exposure.


And finally, needless to say, your content has to be high quality. But there, I said it anyway. You may actually note to yourself that much that is contained in the infographic  is simply logical, and we see and recognise viral content all the time on the web. But often is the case we simply need to be gently reminded, and the infographic below is a visual feast so enjoy !


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Upworthy Internet Infographic

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