Bespoke Digital Marketing Strategies – For every budget

Overwhelmed by the vast number of digital marketing options out there ?

Confused as to which platform(s) you should invest your resources into?

Disappointed by previous attempts to use digital marketing to benefit your business ?

Or maybe you cannot even remember why previous attempts did not measure up to your expectations.

A professional Digital Marketing Strategy can help solve these problems.

A Digital Marketing blueprint is simply a marketing plan of action for your business. It specifies the steps to take to achieve your short, medium and often long term digital marketing goals.

While it is NOT a business strategy, it should form a key component of your business strategy. They should be intrinsically linked.

According to Smart Insights ( reference: ‘Managing Digital Marketing’ study ), 46% of brands do not have a specific digital marketing blueprint. We do not hesitate to suggest that this figure could actually be much higher.

This same study has found that approximately 16% do have a strategy, but they just haven’t implemented it yet.

If you need to reduce the friction and frustration of online marketing, you need to consider creating your very own Digital Marketing Strategy.


Your Digital Marketing Strategy becomes your marketing accountability partner. It can remind you WHY you’re doing what, and when and how long it should take, and who’s doing it. It then becomes dramatically easier to justify doubling-down or even changing tack as business priorities change.

It captures and highlights which marketing responsibilities are in-sourced, outsourced or on-hold. It reminds you of priorities, and links directly to marketing tactics. This blueprint maps schedules and goals to resources and enables quick wins for low hanging fruit.


Goals – A marketing blueprint documents measurable marketing goals. This alone provides for more determined focus in your marketing activities, and this strength cannot be underestimated. Additionally most businesses that set goals do not take that one extra step in defining easy to understand ROI measurements and analytics.

Buyer personas – Building and establishing an identity of your ideal customer can help your business understand which platforms you should be marketing in, and how to communicate with these prospects. The more basic demographics such as how old they are, sex, and location are useful. Their buying habits and other psychographic data can be even more important to understanding who you should be targeting.

Where am I now – Audit your resourcing, planned budget, your marketing challenges, successes and failures. What digital assets are currently in play ?

What do I want to be when I grow up – Identifying who your direct competitors are, who are your indirect competitors ? Who SHOULD you compete with ? You can’t compete with everyone … or can you ?

Campaigns – Which individual strategies should you use; Email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, Authority Marketing ?

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy can help mobilise your team & your 3rd party partners, energise your community, boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

And much more …….

Start today …. create a document, spreadsheet, or powerpoint. Name it “Digital Marketing Strategy version 1.0” . Spend a few moments prioritising goals, over a steaming cup of coffee. Rinse then repeat. Execute. Or read the next Tab and let us help you on your journey.

Starting with one or more discovery sessions, Webmentum utilises our highly successful proprietary system to mindmap an actionable strategy blueprint.

This is a collaborative exercise, together with key members of your orgsanisation, and/or your 3rd party suppliers.

We help mind-map the marketing objectives for your business. It is a collaborative approach that forms the basis and architecture for your online and mobile marketing.

It is often the case that this is split into several smaller sessions over a period of time, to avoid information overload and to ensure success. The total time investment can be anything from 1 hour to several hours, depending on how deep and long the view is.

We help you create marketing goals that can be successfully achieved in line with your budget and resources.

We help you develop your buyer personas, so that all marketing investments are intelligently targeted.

We help identify your direct and indirect competitors, and advise which ones can be successfully tackled.

We can help resuscitate any failed marketing campaigns, or existing marketing plans.

And we can help advise which platforms to use, and we weigh in on the cooperative marketing versus cross marketing  debate.

And just as important, we do this using Best Practice as an established Certified Social Media Marketing company.

This digital marketing strategy, as a marketing blueprint remains a living document for your business, and an important adjunct to your overall business plan.

We can show you how to implement this strategy with your own staff or with another 3rd party provider.

And we can also take the completed blueprint and implement it for you.

We Make Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Easy

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Take Stock of What You Have

We help you identify and prioritise all your existing online digital assets, and those that you need to build to benefit your business.

Identify Your Buyer Personas

Creating a customer persona for your business is crucial in helping you focus your resources to accomplish a successful ROI.

Create A Digital Marketing GPS

Webmentum can help you make sense of who your direct and indirect competitors are, and how to overtake them.

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