Measuring Blogging and Social Media Marketing Performance


Ok … you’ve finally completed and published your latest blog. You then round off the week with a few tweets, and maybe a couple of Facebook posts.


Now, you are sure they’re going to rock. But how will you really know how effective your messages are. And how can you compare these with previous messages. Maybe likes, comments, or how about looking at the Google Analytics Bounce Rate?


Face it; if you are going to invest time or money into online marketing, you really need to have an idea of how you’re going to measure overall performance, let alone social media marketing performance .


Identifying and perfecting key performance indicators (KPIs) will often save the day. Well, they will help justify your investment in any case.


Here is a great infographic from InfographicWorld, that depicts what we should be looking for in performance measurement. Obviously the different media provide some innate KPIs, and others you need to create yourself. Importantly, it is essential to recognise that the different KPIs carry different weights and importance, depending on what you are trying to achieve specifically.


There is even mention of some top tools and aggregators that can help automate the process.


The infographic provides a valuable insight into the world of posting power measurement. However, if you need any specific assistance with your online business, make sure to contact Hymie on +61 414 329674 or


Enjoy !

Courtesy of: Infographic World