Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses email and associated tools to deliver messages to prospects and customers.

More importantly it is an effective method for a business, organisation or brand of establishing and strengthening relationships with their tribes.

Many businesses start off simply using their existing email clients such as Gmail or Outlook to deliver these messages and offers. But in order to grow this type of marketing, it is best to use some sort of Email Marketing system, such as Mailchimp or Aweber that allows you track campaigns and segment customers based on behaviour and interests, efficiently and professionally.

Email marketing is often called permission marketing. Ideally, email campaigns should be directed to people who have explicitly opted into your subscriber list, otherwise these messages can be considered as spam.

Your email list can easily become your most important digital asset for many reasons:

  • As members have given you permission to market to them
  • Over time, email analytics can help you differentiate between your prospects, purchasing customers, and loyal advocates
  • Email marketing systems, like Mailchimp  help you easily, quickly and cheaply (re)market to your subscriber list
  • According to a recent a VB Insight study, email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent.

If you need an online marketing strategy that provides you with high delivery control and with proven ROI, you need to consider creating and deploying an Email Marketing Strategy.


Email marketing is a unique and effective way to build your business in a controlled manner, crafting bespoke marketing messages to segmented populations of your subscriber list at will.

If you ignore email marketing as an online strategy for growing your business, you are clearly leaving money on the table.


Control – As a form of online direct marketing, you decide what message you are sending, and to whom, and when. Utilising an email marketing system such as Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp, you can also control what analytics should be monitored and whether these analytics should trigger any follow up messaging or actions. You can also establish urgency or scarcity in your messaging, using text, audio or even video within your email.

Grow your community – You can build your email list as easily as asking store customers to sign up at the register, using an App such as ATOM, trade show signups, reaching out to existing customers and prospects. Adding a signup form on your website, and even on your social media platforms can effectively start and continue growing your list.

Go Viral – A supercharged way of growing your tribe is with viral email marketing. You may be familiar with brands such as AirBnB, DropBox, Dollar Shave Club, and Old Spice have used the power of viral email marketing to grow their brands and businesses. Using email for viral marketing involves motivating people to share the email they received with their friends and family, so that they in turn sign up to your email lists.

Website visitors become customers – Offering an ethical bribe to sign up to your list, that provides real value, followed by Building and establishing an identity of your ideal customer can help your business understand which platforms you should be marketing in, and how to communicate with these prospects. The more basic demographics such as how old they are, sex, and location are useful. Their buying habits and other psychographic data can be even more important to understanding who you should be targeting.

Access – How is this for a statistic : 98 percent of people check their email every single day. Provide or offer real value, and you’ve got yourself a new sales funnel.

Top of mind – Email marketing, together with autoresponder technology provides a great opportunity to stay front of mind with you prospects and customers. The key is moderation, providing real value, and understanding and acting on the analytics that are provided for you.

Loyalty and Advocacy – The step beyond staying top of mind, and indeed becoming a purchaser, is the natural transformation to become loyal brand advocates. A huge percentage of subscribers will readily prefer this type of communication. So offering even more value, special deals, and VIP program access can grow your brand advocates and ultimately the extra level of WOM ( Word of Mouth ) marketing that your business receives.

And much more …….

Start today …. organise an optin form on your website with an ethical bribe of real value. Or gather up a small number of emails of those that allow you to email market to them, and send them a short business update, with a link back to your website. And progress from there.

Rinse then repeat. Execute. Or read the next Tab and let us help you on your journey.

Webmentum provides a full service email marketing service.

We can help with developing successful strategies that incorporates choosing the best email marketing platform for your business. This takes into account the required delivery schedule, short term versus long term views, and the level of outsourcing required to create and maintain campaigns.

We assist in creating one or more signup forms for your website, including strategic advice on the CTAs ( Calls To Action ) to use. We provide the ethical bribe, if it is a digital product such as an ebook, and advise on the suitability of alternate tripwires, to entice people to signup. The creation of specific landing pages is often required, and Webmentum has time-tested, successful templates to choose from.

Signup forms are also recommended on any social media networks that support them, such as Facebook.

Importantly, we create, integrate and deliver all the components that make up email marketing; including advertising copy, CTAs, imagery, email marketing platforms, landing pages, content creation schedules, publishing schedules as well as automation tools.

Coaching and training from an email marketing expert are usually requested and delivered as part of marketing engagements, and we delight in these opportunities.

Lastly, we help grow your email lists and nurture leads, based on a clear acquisition and retention strategy.

Contact us today to see how Webmentum can help grow your business with Email marketing.

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Permission Granted

Professional email marketing is often called permission marketing. All recipients should have opted in formally to receive email messaging from your organisation.

Think about it .. they WANT you to communicate with them, nurture them, educate them and provide real value through offers, deals or important information.

They WANT to belong to your tribe.

Full Service Marketing

We identify then create all the important pieces of your email marketing campaign. From strategy, to data capture forms, optimised landing pages, email templates, CTAs, focused EDMs ( Electronic Direct Mails ), autoresponsder sequences, training, support and coaching.

We then integrate these components together with your umbrella website, social media platforms and email marketing systems.

Most Valuable Online Asset

Your email subscriber list can be your most valuable online asset with respect to ROI. More valuable than your website or your social media profiles.

It is an asset that is massively under-rated , yet can be grown easily, nutured and sweated 24/7, rain, hail or shine.

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