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Self Publishing is essentially the process of publishing your book without involvement from any traditionaly publisher, like Penguin or Harper Collins.

So as a self-publisher, you have total control ( and responsibility ) for the process of publication.

This includes editing, formatting, cover designs, printing, distribution and of course, marketing.

Self publishing used to describe printed versions only, but now due to technology, includes the digital versions as well.

As you may know, Amazon is the dominant force in self publishing. If you are considering self publishing, you simply cannot ignore this platform.

But of course, you shouldn’t ignore some of the other prominent platforms, such as Apple iBooks ( iTunes ), Barnes & Noble, Kobo and of course, Google Play .

If you want to have greater control over the digital or printed versions of your book, then you should consider the path of independent, or self publishing.


Self publishing offers a low resistance path to becoming an established author, and perhaps bestseller. The status of best selling author, or even just author, positions you as an authority and strengthens your up the Know-Like-Trust paradigm.


Messaging – Self Publishing provides you with powerful platforms with influencial audiences with which to spread your message and brand.

Collateral – Becoming an author expands your marketing collateral immediately. Once published in written form, a relatively easy next step would be to re-purpose into a audio product on Audible for example.

Authority – Becoming an author is a form of Authority Marketing, and even Influencer Marketing.  It provides you with another opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Business Card – Your published book can act as an alternate business card. But you generally use a business card when you’ve already had an opportunity to meet someone.  With a book, you can ‘cold-call’, by shipping it to select prospects as an icebreaker for example. This strategy has been known to open many doors, previously thought to be shut firmly.

Differentiation – Very few people have the opportunity to become a published author. Technology gifts us these new opportunities. This strategy can be the market differentiation you have been waiting for. Add ‘Author’ to your email signatures, LinkedIn profile and elsewhere.

And much more …….

Start today …. see what information you already have that can re-purposed to form articles, or a series of articles.
Publish these on Medium, LinkedIn and elsewhere as the first steps to eventually consolidate into a chapter of a multi author book, or preferably into a sole publication.

Rinse then repeat. Execute. Or read the next Tab and let us help you on your journey.

Webmentum is proud to offer a range of ways to help you become a self published author.

We can publish a book you already have, we can help you write a book from scratch, and alternatively we can help manage outsourcing some or most of the content to a ghost writer.

Any publication project usually begins by working with you to create a bespoke self-publishing strategy to ensure maximum brand protection.

As with most successful engagements, we would conduct thorough competitor research.

We help:

  • Set up the Amazon KDP account for your book
  • Format the final document publication ( mobi, pdf, epub etc )
  • Customise and optimise the account for search, keywords and categories ( departments )
  • Set up your Amazon KDP author account, customise and optimise
  • Set up accounts on alternative platforms ( iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc if in scope )
  • Set up a marketing campaign ( if included in project scope )
  • Harness existing social media platforms for distribution and marketing ( if marketing is included in project scope )
  • Organise an ISBN ( if printed versions are in project scope )
  • Open a Createspace account ( if printed versions are in project scope )
  • Manage a local bulk Print On Demand print run ( ( if printed versions are in project scope )
  • Consult and advise on ancillary promotion opportunities

And much more!

We can also create website landing pages, together with sales funnels and integrate these with any social media assets you may have. We can take care of designing book covers and backs, advertising copy, CTAs, and imagery.

Coaching and training are included.

Contact us today to see how Webmentum can help grow your business or brand by becoming a published author.

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Publish online and in print

The self publishing options available to potential authors are simply amazing. Ensuring digital publication via Amazon KDP is a must, but you can also use Amazon, to allow your published to be available as a POD ( Print on Demand ).

Bulk print runs are available via Amazon/Createspace as well, as are POD print runs that can be organised locally, wherever that is for you.

Self publishing is also available via the other player as well, including : Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, and of course Google Play store. 

Spoilt for choice. Choose 1, choose all.

Concierge Service

Embarking on a publishing journey can be quite intimidating.

We often hear ‘ It feels ok to see Tony Robbins in print, but who am I to publish a book ?’

This Imposter Syndrome affects most of us. Ultimately you have a message for your tribe, and you have every right to embark on this journey. We help you every step of the way and answer all questions you may have. And you will have many.

If we don’t happen to know the answer off the top of our heads, we will  either make it up, or reach out to our powerful publishing mentors and peers.

Usually the latter .. honestly.

Independence Day

Self publishing permits you to have total freedom of choice when it comes to who you employ to publish, edit, market, design, proofread, distribute, project manage, and print.

You may decide to undertake one or more of these steps, or outsource to 3rd parties you already know and work with. Or you can out-task the entire process to a self publishing expert with a track record of success.

Every self-publishing journey is different, but they all enjoy the low friction freedom that platforms such as Amazon provide.

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