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PPC stands for Pay per Click marketing, which is a form of internet advertising where an advertiser pays for advertisement clicks ( or impressions ) in order to achieve visitor traffic. This is in contrast to organic SEO traffic where visitor traffic is effectively earned rather than bought.

One of the earliest, yet still one of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising. Google has Adwords, while Bing has their own Bing Ads for example. Google’s system involves an intricate auction system where advertisers bid how much they are willing to pay for a click on a particular keyword.

A click on these PPC ads direct the visitor to a specific landing page, that has a CTA ( Call To Action ), an offer or something else whose value should be much greater than the cost of the advertisement click.

Successful PPC advertising requires a solid grasp of copy ( advertisement-speak ), knowledge of platform-specific PPC networks, expertise in analytics, and keyword and competitor research capabilities.

Similar to SEO, this process starts with a search query.

PPC advertising that relies on search engines, is often called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing.

Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have also adopted PPC advertising.

As such, generating this type of traffic can be accomplished on a wide variety of platforms. While this variety is available, it is important for your business to consider your buyer personas before opening your wallet to ensure bang for your buck.

PPC-Pay Per Click can be an effective and quick way to generate targeted traffic to your website.

If you need turn-on-the-tap targeted traffic, then you need to consider implementing a Pay per Click advertising strategy.


PPC, or Pay Per Click marketing literally turns on targeted purchase-ready buyer traffic, like turning on a light switch. Your sponsored advertisements are seen on search engine result pages, or social media news feeds as soon a they are accepted by the network you are advertising on.

This type of strategy can be implemented at any time, for any reason. However, it can be most effective when it fits in with a priority marketing strategy, such as:

  • Simply growing a subscriber list
  • Promotion of a time-dependent activity such as a sale.
  • Exposure type campaign for branding or an upcoming event/launch.


Impact – Targeted buyer traffic is pretty much immediate.

Credibility – For SEM PPC ( Search Engine Marketing ), having your ad appear on the first page of search results, often higher than the top position of SEO/Organic rankings can indicate to your audience that you are a serious player, actively investing in their success. With the right approach, your ads can be seen not just alongside market leaders, but higher than their positions. Searcher automatically see top of SEM page results advertisements before the SEO/Organice top rankings. Even if this is a short term strategy, it can be quite effective.

For social media PPC, your advertisements would appear in targeted news feeds. As such, a best practice campaign would ensure that you remain  highly visible and ultimately top-of-mind.

Authority – Also similarly to SEO, being found on the first page of Google increases brand authority for your business. Simple.

Conversions – This component is often under-cooked by businesses and PPC practitioners. A best practice PPC project will ensure that consideration is given to increasing conversion success, once visitors click on a search result and find themselves on your website.

Implementing an effective Pay Per Click strategy, via Search Engine networks and/or social media platforms can certainly ramp up your targeted buyer traffic, strengthen your brand, increase sales, promote your subscription list and grow your tribe.

And much more …….

Webmentum offers a powerful 3-pronged approach to PPC marketing.

1. Situational analysis

This initial phase is all about information collection, goal creation, and a gap analysis if required. We ensure that the smart goals are set, and they are matched properly with the advertising media to be used, eg. Adwords versus Twitter Ads etc. Depending on the goals and the target audience, multiple advertising networks are used. Based on our experience, we help to advise on budgets and schedules as well in this phase. ROI, return on investment is calculated collaboratively using Webmentum’s proprietary IP.

2. Best-practice keyword and competitor research

As always, Webmentum depends on, and delivers quality research of the competitive landscape to ensure that every campaign that is launched has the best possible chance of success, and ensures ROI. This is accomplished using several powerful tools at our disposal that are focused on every marketing media available for PPC advertising.

3. Campaign creation and administration

This phase includes several steps including the creation of specific web landing pages, pertinent CTAs ( Calls To Action ), advertising platform campaign creation, budget tracking control, as well as campaign administration, customisation and optimisation.

Performance analytics also form an important deliverable to make decisions to ramp up or ramp down campaigns, seamless.

If required, we can help remediate any technical issues with your current website, that may have a negative effect on your PPC campaigns

Webmentum can provide whole of life-cycle PPC campaigns, from strategy, to delivery and/or project management should you already have in-house marketing personnel, or outsourced 3rd party partnerships.

Our clients currently benefit from :

  • Strategic planning guidance
  • Turn-the-tap-on increase in targeted search traffic
  • More leads and prospects
  • Better search positioning when using the search engine platforms, like Google Adwords
  • Top of mind marketing
  • Brand equity growth

If your business requires any of these benefits, we can help you with an effective PPC strategy and deployment.

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Push button traffic

As soon as we have collaboratively stepped through our proprietary and successful PPC marketing system, and sponsored ads are approved by the PPC media network, we usually start seeing qualified targeted traffic arriving IMMEDIATELY.

Pretty cool, huh ?

Strategy, Delivery and Support

Our systems and experience allow us to offer any and all project phases.

While most of our clients request us to provide the entire life-cycle of PPC campaigns, we also enjoy working with clients who have in-house personnel or 3rd part providers.

R.O.I – Return on Investment

Every business is different. As such, Webmentum understands that while ROI is important for any marketing investment endeavour, success can mean something different to different businesses. We commit to finding the right formula, and proposing the right strategy to ensure the bespoke ROI you need, is both achievable and sustainable.

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