Authority Marketing – Influencer Marketing

Authority marketing is a the new frontier for brands and entrepeneurs that allows you to amplify your message to your prospects and customers.

Being perceived as an authority opens doors, and improves sales.

But it’s not as simple as saying, “I’m an authority”.

Successful authority marketing includes a process that positions you as a leader in your niche. But you need to produce.

Generally, you will need to produce content; ebooks, books, articles, products, training, imagery, audio podcasts, video podcasts and so on.

Then there is the step of repurposing your content on other selective media platforms, and/or syndicating this content as well.

The next step includes broadcasting your content on popular distribution platforms; on iTunes, PodBean, Libsyn, Youtube, online radio shows, and are usually accompanied by online news releases.

If you need to amplify your thought leadership and credibility in your marketplace,  then you may need to consider creating and executing an Authority Marketing Strategy.


“Authority marketing is leveraging your knowledge and experience to gain leadership status in your marketplace.” Brian Horn

So it’s not a matter of saying you’re an authority, it’s a matter of showing that you are an authority.

By showing that you are an authority, you are making a concerted effort to

  • hone your message
  • educate your prospects and customers
  • produce (more) valuable content, that is seen and appreciated as valuable content
  • amplify your message

This process, properly executed, ultimately rewards you with additional online recognition, and a growing number of brand advocates who act as micro-influencers in their own right.

You need to let people know enough of what you know, CONSISTENTLY, so that they believe you can solve their problems, and compensate you accordingly.


Increase trust factor – As s potential customer, you generally trust your peers. And if these peers have acknowledged someone as an authority and have purchased from them, you are more likely to make the same choice above anyone else. As an authority, you are perceived as being not just knowledgeable, but as someone who has successfully applied that knowledge successfully. Your credibility increases, positioning you as a thought leader in your market.

Grow customer loyalty – It is much easier to grow your loyal customer base when you are acknowledged as an authority. Simple. IT is even easier for your loyal customers to become your brand advocates and business champions.

Explode your Content – By virtue of creating, and repurposing your content as per the previous tab explanation, your content will grow by an order of magnitude. Podcasts will lead to transcripts. Articles will lead to podcasts. Slideshows will lead to videos via animation. Video podcasts can have their audio stripped to become an audio podcast, or even a new product to offer.

Expand your Reach – By actively and professionally sharing your knowledge ( no spammers please ), repurposing your content, and being heard and seen on multiple media channels, your reach expands at an exponential level, And remember, when following a time-tested Authority Marketing plan,  this is targeted reach, which is so important.

Top of Mind – By consistently offering valuable education to your targeted audience, you are able to remain top of mind with your customers and prospects, This is especially fruitful in the case of your prospects, as it usually takes multiple ‘touches’ before a prospect moves up the funnel and becomes a purchaser.

And much more …….

Start today …. see what information you already have that can repurposed to another media. Or write a new thought piece and publish for free on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium.

Rinse then repeat. Execute. Or read the next Tab and let us help you on your journey.

Most professional services that Webmentum offer, include some elements of Authority Marketing already. It just makes sense.

However, here we are speaking about a standalone Authority Marketing strategy and delivery.

Our Authority Marketing services tend to look different for different businesses, because all businesses are either different, or tend to be at a different position in their cycle of growth and as such have different requirements.

Our Authority Marketing strategies focus intently on competition research as the whole idea is to be recognised as the thought leader in your market. We need to understand what your competition’s strengths are, what platforms they use, their content publishing schedule and any differentiators that may exist that we can take advantage of.

Thankfully, you do not need to emulate or better all of your competitor activities. Even if you could, it wouldn’t be the best use of your investment. All you need to do, is enough to differentiate.

Some of the more common Authority Marketing activities we help our clients with, include:

  • Development of a best practice Authority Marketing strategy
  • Authority News Releases and international syndication
  • Interviews with leading online podcast stations, such as Business Innovators Radio
  • Creating your own online podcast on iHeartRadio,  and iTunes.
  • Publishing interviews with top digital magazines, such as Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters,
  • Contributing author to Local Marketing Trendsetters & Local Business Mavericks.
  • Contributing author for a niche specific book.
  • Solo author, published on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. All our clients have subsequently opted for an international bestseller campaign, and have all achieved #1 International Best Seller status.

We can also create, integrate and deliver all the components that make up your Authority Marketing package, including; book covers, ebook covers, videos, advertising copy, CTAs, imagery,  platforms, landing pages, content creation schedules, publishing schedules as well as automation tools.

Coaching and training are also offered as some of our clients ultimately wish to have a greater level of autonomy moving forward, or intend on offering these services to their clients.

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Thought Leadership

The most meaningful way for you to differentiate yourself from your competition, is to be establish yourself as a thought leader, or authority in your niche.

Competing on price is never sustainable, so that’s not an option. In any case, do you want to be known as the ‘cheapest’ professional in your field.

Prospects will be drawn to you naturally and ultimately join your tribe, if you empower them with valuable education.

KLT = Know -> Like -> TRUST

It’s generally appreciated that most prospects need to travel via the Know, Like, Trust journey, before they pay, or even accept a solution from you.

The only sincere way of accomplishing this for your prospects, is to consistently provide value at each step of their purchasing journey.

As such, an Authority Marketing strategy and delivery can help you achieve this in many ways that benefit both you and your tribe.

 It’s a win for all involved.

Destroy ‘Imposter Syndrome’

Most successful people suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ at one stage or another.

This is where you doubt your own value and understate your accomplishments.

A professional Authority Marketing strategy can help defeat this feeling once and for all because the process involves creating and providing value consistently, which naturally leads to successful validation.

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