Mobile Marketing Landscape in 2014

The mobile marketing landscape is a marketer's final frontier. While it is fraught with many perils, it is also teeming with opportunities for those with the right knowledge and skills.   WebDAM have created an interesting infographic presenting 25 interesting statistics about current trends in mobile, the mobile market share, the growth of mobile [...]

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The 10 Best Mobile Apps of 2012

Without dispute, 2012 was a record breaking year at many levels for Mobile App Marketing, Mobile App developers, App markets, and ultimately, consumers themselves. Yes, the numbers below have definitely changed since releasing this article. Any numbers associated with App downloads, and Apps available in markets, are slippery suckers. We know some authorities hesitate [...]

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Mobile Apps – The New Internet?

After nearly 20 years since the birth of the World Wide Web, research is finding that people are spending more and more time having the "web experience" on sleeker, slimmer Mobile Apps, than on the traditional 'net. Think about it : Facebook, Email, Twitter, Skype, RSS feeds , WhatsApp , and directory apps. Does [...]

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