So, you have a smoking business website. GREAT !

The only problem is, that you probably don’t realise when someone actually views your website on a mobile phone or tablet, it actually looks terrible.

Is this the web designer’s fault ? Maybe .

Can you do something about it ? Definitely .

Should you do something about it ? Absolutely.

Mobile internet is becoming an increasing reality for businesses, due to the exponential growth of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

According to Gartner, by 2013, more consumers will use mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, than PCs to get online.

Amazingly, by the middle of 2011, people spent more time on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. It seems inevitable that modern commerce and communication are happening on the run, unfettered by the chains of traditional access.

At the time of writing, most businesses haven’t optimized their websites for the mobile consumer. We’re talking about approximately 80% of businesses here, according to Google Mobile. And of the 20% that do have mobilized websites, about 40% of those consumers that have accessed a mobilized website, have had a bad experience according to Compuware, and turn quickly to a competitor’s website.

But take heart, mobilizing your existing website, or mobile-enabling a new website is straightforward, and in the right designer’s hands, can become a strategically important online experience. While seemingly obvious, intuitive design and thumb friendly buttons are often overlooked. By exploring the website mobilization path, and choosing the right technical partner, you can be assured of capitalizing on an important online marketing and sales funnel.

A website that caters for mobile internet traffic is essential in order to compete in the online marketplace.

Gain access to volumes of potential online customers, and contact the Webmentum crew now, to discuss your new mobile website .