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SEO – How To Avoid A Google Penalty

SEO – How To Avoid A Google Penalty

So you think you have it made ? You have great content on your website, a valuable in-demand service or product and a vibrant, growing and loyal community. So, Google is likely to reward you with high SEO rankings in its search engine.

Correct …………EVENTUALLY.

It is absolutely understandable if a business wants to fast track these results, either by themselves or via outsourced professionals.

Unfortunately, dabbling with SEO is fraught with danger for those unschooled in ethical SEO practice management. It is too easy to get your website slapped off the first few pages of Google.

So we thought we would share some really great strategies from our friends at QuickSprout . The 2 main takeaways are:

Focus on Relevance

Both relevant copy and links, to and from your content are becoming increasingly vital signals to Google.

Build Brand  ( Social Media ) Signals

If your business is seen as a brand by Google, it is less likely to be penalised compared to websites that do not.

For example, having a decently sized social media following can help in this determination.

Having a professionally designed and mobile friendly website is also essential.


How to Avoid a Google Penalty
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Most of these strategies fall within the realm of common sense, however it is so easy to get caught up with dealing with business competition  that dealing with the competition to win the Google search war can lead us to skimp on the essentials and chase the ‘easy’ quick wins.

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How To Dominate Local Search Results – Gangnam Style

How To Dominate Local Search Results – Gangnam Style

If you want to dominate local search results for your business or organisation, the you need to stop playing “Peek-A-Boo” . Who knew that this age-old game could teach us a thing or two about local SEO.


Now there are 2 sides to this game. The first is that this is how it feels sometimes for your business  online. One minute prospects and customers can see you …the next minute they are blissfully unaware that you exist and promptly hand over their money to someone else. Someone who was found easily.


The other side of this game seems to be that of the business owner. Businesses often find themselves in a state of denial, with blinkers on; where either they think local SEO is of little value, or that it is all too hard to consider.


Thankfully, our friends at Optilocal have put together a comprehensive infographic that helps guide you to stratospheric improvements in your business’s online visibility.


Here are our key take-aways:


1. Google+ Local Page Optimisation can lead to higher rankings in local pack results, and via inclusion in Local Carousel, owning a Map Pin and a Local Knowledge Panel.


2. Local business citations can lead to hogher exposure in local organic results as well as higher rankings in local pack results


3. 90% of people who read online reviews claim that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions.


4. On-site web optimisation is essential when expecting competitive search rankings


5. Quality inbound links could also increase your referral traffic and your conversion rates.



This infographic has been syndicated from Optilocal.

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