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State of Social Media Marketing in 2015

State of Social Media Marketing in 2015

The online marketing space is crowded. Too many choices and ultimately confusing for many who dare not dip their toe in the water. It is no surpirse that social media marketing and networking appears to be growing, particularly on mobile.

Organic search for example has just become too difficult, unless you  know what you’re doing or have access to a seasoned professional. Social media marketing is just too appealing for many demographics.

The infographic below from JBH and Smart Insights gives us a glimpse into the growing phenomenon of social media marketing in 2015 and beyond.

The importance of mobile users is clear, with a significant increase in social media usage pretty much across the board. Youtube and Facebook apps are killing it on Android smartphones. And while this

particular statistic is from USA, it mirrors global usage on desktops which is quite telling.

Most importantly, research from Smart Insights indicate that a massive 33% of marketers gave social media a medium-high rating, as opposed to 19% for display advertising and 23% for online PR.

So social media marketing must be doing something right . What do you think ?


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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2015

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2015

While creating a Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2015 list, it was always going to be difficult to avoid mentioning content marketing.

Now, content marketing has figured prominently in the last few years worth of predictions. Some may have been hoping that this was a fad, and a more convenient and less expensive solution would take its place. But the reality is that businesses and marketers are currently spending 25% plus of their marketing budget on content marketing, and this is set to increase substantially in 2015.


Multimedia ( audio and visual ) content is also predicted to dominate social media marketing trends in 2015. Why? Because they are so, so effective at driving engagement and positive response rates. The fact that visual-centric social media networks such as Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram are testament to the ubiquity and effectiveness of multimedia. Explainer videos in particular has become a ‘hockey stick’ phenomenon ( the shape of skyrocketing popularity indicated in a Google Trends search for ‘Explainer Videos’ ).


Additionally, increased social media ad spend and use of micro-segmentation and predictive behaviour will figure strongly in 2015.


But wait there’s more ! New social media networks are still being created in order to fill market needs. Ello and YikYak are just 2 to mention here that are changing the conversation about advertising and privacy.


Here are top 10 social media marketing trends in 2015 to be aware of, and dominate.


Original Infographic sourced from CJGdigitalmarketing

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7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Want to know how social media is being used by marketers in 2014, and what strategies are proving effective ?

Our friends at Social Media Examiner recently commissioned its 6th annual 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report to understand how marketers are using social media.

Over 2,800 marketers were surveyed for this report, representing some very interesting social media marketing trends in 2014.

Here are some highlights of online marketing insights that can help your business grow online:

1. EXPOSURE, BABY – A whopping 92 percent of marketers say that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses.

2. VISUAL ASSETS ARE ON THE RISE – Most marketers ( over 70% ) plan on using more infographics and memes in their online marketing efforts.

3. BLOGGING IS INCREASING – Most marketers ( over 68% ) plan on increasing their use of Blogging

4. HERE COMES PODCASTING – Only 6% of marketers use Podcasting, but 33% of marketers plan on creating at least audio content in 2014.

5. FACEBOOK ADS DOMINATE SOCIAL MARKETING – 90% of marketers regularly use Facebook Ads

In keeping with the trend to use visuals for social media marketing, here is a great infographic from Social Media Examiner showing 7 top social media marketing trends for 2014:

social media examiner marketing trends infographic

Social media marketing trends for 2014 from Social Media Examiner.

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